A stretchy band story….

The original stretchy band was created in 2000 through the collaboration of sisters, Janet Stephens of Bear Paw Creek and Kathy Schumacher MT-BC of Tuneful Teaching. The stretchy band was designed to keep young children through the 120 year old engaged in group activities. Different then other circle bands, the latex or latex free tubing creates enough resistance, while keeping the overall weight of the band light.



The connect-a-stretchy band came through the idea of Cristal Garcia, a Music Together director.  Janet and Cristal collaborated and worked through product samples until landing on the final product in the fall of 2013. Bear Paw Creek proudly manufactures 100% of their products in the USA and is passionate about using USA made materials whenever it’s possible. Here’s the team that helps create your stretchy bands!


Connect 2

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