Stretchy Band


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Stretchy Band

These bright Stretchy Bands™ are made of latex or latex free tubing covered with fabric and include a hook and loop closure.   Includes a drawstring bag, activity sheet, and is machine washable.  Available in four different sizes.

Personal  is perfect for one on one use, or individual use. It is 4.5 feet in circumference.   $24 (Latex free – $26)

Medium is 12 feet in circumference ~ 5-8 people or 16 children. $52 (Latex free – $54)

Large is 18 feet in circumference ~ 8-11 people or 22 children.  $67 (Latex free – $69)

XL  is 24 feet in circumference ~ 11-14 people or 28 children.   $83 (Latex free – $85)

Connect-a-Stretchy Band

The Connect-a-Stretchy Band is 6′ long and made of latex or latex free tubing covered with bright rainbow fabric.  Hidden inside each end is a buckle.  They are machine washable and include a drawstring storage bag.

1 –  2-5 adults or 10 children

2 connected ~  5-8 adults or 16 children

3 connected ~  8-11 adults or 22 children   (Includes Hub 6)

4 connected ~ 11-14 adults or 28 children (Includes Hub 8)

Keep connecting them for larger groups!


The hub brings even greater variety to the connect-a-stretchy band. You can connect a band to each buckle, making 6,8,10,12 armed octopus, star, sun or turn them into a spoked wheel, a gear, flowers or clovers.

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Stretchy Band

Connect-a- Band, Personal, Medium, Large, XL, None

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Latex, Latex Free, None

Hub for Connect-a-Stretchy Band

Hub 6, Hub 8, Hub 10, Hub 12, None


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